Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[TIPS] How to Connect PS4 to PC via LAN cable with Connectify app

Yesterday, I wrote about this article but the problem is my PS4 can't get to connect to the internet via LAN cable with my PC on the next day and it requires to do the setup all over again in order to getting back to online. Now I'm too damn lazy to do it back again from start so I have to use an easy hotspot app, Connectify to getting my PS4 back online, easy as it is.

Before that, make sure that you have all of these:

1. A LAN cable connected with both PC and PS4.
2. Connectify app with PRO/MAX license. (NEVER ASK ME WHERE TO GET A PIRATED VERSION!!!)
3. An adequate time to do it.
4. A working functional brain.

Here's how to do it:

1. Configure your network settings in Windows by turning off Internet Sharing Settings or even remove the bridge network. Also, the IPv4 settings and its DNS should be remain blank and set to detect automatically. Reboot your PC after that.

2. Install Connectify app and activate the PRO/MAX license. If you're using free version, it never work either. (DO NOT ASK ME FOR PIRATED/CRACKED VERSION!!!).

3. Set up the wired router in Connectify app (see picrture below). If you're using PRO version, you only permitted to use "Routed" mode in Network Access option while MAX license can able to use Bridged mode which is most recommended. Also, set Internet to Share to the wifi network that you are currently used and when you are finishing setup, click Start Hotspot.

4. Go to your PS4 and go to [Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use a Lan Cable> Easy] and your console will connect to your PC automatically. 

5. If the connection is successful then you can enjoy using it.

NOTE: If you're using Routed mode in Connectify app wired router, you might see some warning text below during connection testing in PS4 like this: "Your router does not support IP Packet Fragmentation...". 

This is because of Connectify app config itself and it is strongly requires you to use Bridged mode only if you have MAX license on your Connectify app. You can still use it, however there will be some limitations of access during using the Routed config in Connectify app.

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