How to Install PS3 PSN Games into your PS3 console via HAN

NOTE: Before getting into this guide, make sure that your console have HAN exploit already installed and also have the IDPS dump file. Else, see the video here on how to install HAN exploit and also dumping the IDPS file for sideloading retail game pkg files. EXPECT NO SPOONFEEDING, FEED YOUR OWN FOOD...

Previously, I'm writing the article here about converting PS3 retail game disc into digital version so it can be installed via HAN exploit. So I'm gonna write on how to install PSN games on PS3 via HAN exploit as well. This guide also applies to installing DLC files as well.

1. First of all, install latest version of phyton and also .NET framework 4.0

Phyton download link:
.NET framework download link:

2. Download the cfw2ofw tools package here (64-bit Windows OS required):

3. Well, you can obtain some of PSN games from this site here:
       PSNDLv3 links:

4. From the PSNDLv3 site, download both PKG and also RAP files.

5. Copy both files into PS3xploit-resigner-2.0.0/rifgen-master. Then drag the RAP file into rap folder.

6. Then, drag the PKG file into ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe. Wait until pkg signed message appeared and the signed version of PKG file was created.

7. Next, run resign_all.bat and it will convert the RAP file into signed installable RIF file, no need to open the browser to inject the signed RIF file which requires to input very long names.

8. After that, copy both signed PKG files into your flash drive and install it via HAN package manager with order:

i. The game/DLC file
ii. The rif pkg file