Sunday, April 22, 2018

[PS3Xploit Tutorial] How to convert retail PS3 game disc folder into digital version with CFW2OFW

NOTE:See this article first before doing so if your PS3 console have no HAN installed: [PS3Xploit TUTORIAL] Installing HFW 4.84.1 to enable HAN back

1. First of all, install latest version of phyton and also .NET framework 4.0

Phyton download link:
.NET framework download link:

2. Download the cfw2ofw tools package here (64-bit Windows OS required):

3. Dump the PS3 retail game from the disc or just get it elsewhere on the internet. Sorry, can't tell you where to find it. Also, make sure that the game disc that you have dumped must have its update file. Else, the CFW2OFW program might prompt that the game has no update files which probably not able to run it on OFW PS3 consoles. Please note that NOT ALL PS3 games can be run perfectly, some of them requires tweaking before running the game and some of them never gets it at all. See the compatibility lists here:

4. After setup all of these, copy or move the PS3_GAME folder into CFW2OFW folder and run CFW2OFW Helper.exe program.

5. Then, copy or move both folder (BLUSXXXXX and NPUBXXXXX) inside the converted retail game file from CFW2OFW Helper into make-backup-pkg folder and run do.bat file. Then, 3 pkg files were created.

NOTE: If CFW2OFW failed to run with certain games, try to run it with PS3GameConvert 0.9.1

6. After that, copy or move all of PKG files into PS3xploit-resigner-2.0.0/rifgen-master folder and drag the pkg files into ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe. You must resigning all 3 pkg files before installing into PS3 via HAN. Note that the IDPS. HEX and ACT.DAT dump files must be included in rifgen-master folder.

7. After that, you can install it via HAN package manager and make sure that you install it in order:

i. The game file
ii. The update file
iii. LIC.EDAT pkg file.

If the game file is too big, usually over 4GB, you might need to use PKG Linker to install it via the ethernet line. Visit the page here for details.

PKG Linker webpage:


1. Root Element Key is missing error appeared on CFW2OFW Helper.

- This is usually known due to the game ID does not have its update files. It can be fixed by finding its other game ID that carries same game name which also have its update files. Refer to the CFW2OFW Compatibility List here first:
- Then, after finding its other game ID conterpart of the same game title name, edit the PARAM.SFO inside PS3_FOLDER by using SFO Editor and input the new game ID so it can be used for disc-to-digital pkg conversion.
- Next, you will need to use new LIC.DAT and downnload the new LIC.DAT file from this site,, and enter the game ID which have its update file. After that, copy LIC.DAT into PS3_GAME>LICDIR folder to replace the existing file into newer ones.
- Note that not all unsupported disc-based PS3 games could be run by using other different game ID update packages. Some of them having black screen or even freezes during game launch.
- If fails, just get the PSN version and take a look at this guide here or just buy the game disc instead.

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